Who am I that You are Mindful?

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God Mindful of Man

“Mindful” comes from the Hebrew word zakar, to mark or remember continually, as perpetual incense rising; to set the heart upon; to keep continually in merciful view.
This has been my dilemma every single day as God, in His infinite mercy upholds me with His righteous right hand. What are we, that God should be mindful of us?

God has commissioned me to sometimes travel seven provinces in seven days on missions, sometimes, over night journeys just to reach out to a single family or a single soul. At these moments, I can only but ask, “God, why do I have to travel such distances for just one person?” in asking that question I get my answer, that He is mindful of them!

During one of my outreaches in Sri Lanka, as I was preaching in the open air, I paused for a moment, then went to young man and told him this “you should have been dead, but the Lord spared your life” His mother came from behind and said “yes, he should have been dead as he was shot in the head while serving in the LTTE” I led that boy to Christ, and today, he’s serving the Lord. Who was that boy, that the Lord took a terrorist and turned him into an Evangelist? There have been other rebels whom I had led to the Lord, who now serve as peace officers with the United Nations.

Whether I dialogue with top police officials, ambassadors of countries or political ministers, I sometimes feel the urge in getting the love and truth about Christ to them. I have found it easier to get the true message of Christ to non believers than in getting the truth to Charismatics who live double standards. My team and I were able to prove the love of Christ to the Indian Ambassador of Kuwait, other political ministers and the President of India, when we rescued an Indian lady who was illegally kept under house arrest in Kuwait. When the man who had arrested the woman asked Nancy our Kuwait leader, why she does what she does, she responded: JESUS!


The Call

During one of my open forum debates on ethics, a vibrant young lawyer argued with me about speaking the truth at any cost. She told me that it was impossible in her profession and that without lies and bribes, it’s impossible to be a successful lawyer. During the debate, I was bugged that she had such strong points but it was not of the right view. In the end, I had led her to the truth and that evening, she bowed her head and made her commitment to Christ and vowed to walk in the truth. I started to mentor her and found her to be a woman of truth. I then recommended her to work for one of the largest International justice organisations which rescue bonded labourers, especially children.
Just a few weeks ago I had seen her on National news television rescuing over forty bonded labourers while a mob of over two hundred people had attacked her and her team and surrounded their vehicles. I saw her stand in that crowd without a hint of fear. She had called me from there and she said that she was not scared for she was doing what God had called her to do. You see, God was mindful of this young lawyer that He gave me the patience to reason the truth with her. God had her in mind to rescue those bonded labourers that He was mindful of!

Today, in her mid-twenties, this young lawyer is one of the most influential lawyers around who dialogues with officials in high rank on a daily basis, telling them what’s right and what’s not.

You may be a drop in the ocean. But every drop adds up to the ocean because God has called every drop to fill up the bowl of the ocean. In the same way, you may be one amongst millions, but God has called you to add up to those millions of people. Since He has singularly called you, He is singularly mindful of you!


The Re-Call

God loves each of us as if there were only one of us. - St. Augustine
Once a missionary, Jaipaul, in the US had gone to a store. At the counter to pay his bill, he noticed that the cashier’s name was Sarah, so he said “Hi Sarah, Jesus loves you” then said, “even my wife’s name is Sarah. Do you know Jesus, Sarah?” Sarah replied by saying that she used to know Jesus, but now is deep into sin. So Jaipaul & his wife invited Sarah for a meal. At the meal, Sarah narrated her story.

She said that her father was a Pastor of a large Church several years ago. One day he fell in adultery and was thrown out of the Church. Everyone in that city had despised the family. The family was so hurt that they all, including the Pastor began to hate God and had become bitter. Sarah’s sister had gone into prostitution, her brother into drugs, and she, into a mess.

“Remember this” said Augustine. “When people choose to withdraw far from a fire, the fire continues to give warmth, but they grow cold. When people choose to withdraw far from light, the light continues to be bright in itself but they are in darkness. This is also the case when people withdraw from God.”

After the meal, Jaipaul had volunteered to go and meet Sarah’s father. Sarah said that her father doesn’t see anybody and that he’s always drunk. In obedience to his conviction, Jaipaul went to Sarah’s house and her father opened the door with a base ball bat and asked “who the heck are you” Jaipaul replied, “I’ve come to tell you that Jesus loves you” Jaipaul almost got his head knocked off. When Jaipaul had seen this man, he recognised him and then paused and asked him this “Are you Pastor Bill, who twenty years ago had come to India?” Sarah’s father, Bill was surprised. Jaipaul further asked “Do you remember a man by the name of Raj in India that you had led to Christ?” Bill thought for a moment and said “Yes, I remember, he accepted Christ and then became a Pastor” Jaipaul replied, “Sir, He’s my father, and I’m a Christian missionary.”

Jaipaul then led Bill to repentance and Bill, today, is Pastor Bill. A restored, Re-CALLED Servant of Christ. Who is Bill, that Christ is mindful of him?

Pastor Bill must have known deep down in his heart as his thoughts wondered that Christ would one day restore him. As Victor Hugo said “There are moments when, whatever be the attitude of the body, the soul is on its knees.”

Perhaps you’re a chosen vessel of the Lord and the enemy has stolen your testimony. Yes, I’m talking to you. Christ SHALL restore you. Only repent and come clean with the good Lord. I know your throbbing heart that is wounded, is craving after the Creator of that heart with a vacuum waiting to be filled with His love. As Blaise Pascal said “There is a God-shaped vacuum in every heart.”

He’s mindful of you and His Call and gifts to you are irrevocable.


The Called Witness

In 1901, William Seymour, a preacher hungry for the things of the Spirit, wanted to learn about the new Pentecostal outpourings that were taking place at Charles Parham’s Bible school. Being black, Seymour was not allowed inside the building. So he sat on the steps outside and listened through the window. And God touched him. Five years later, William Seymour was the catalyst God used to spark the Azusa Street revival. William Seymour: uninvited by man but welcomed by God! Who was William Seymour, that God was mindful of him?
What about you? No matter who you are, the King welcomes you. No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, the King says, “Come to Me.” Don’t let the false rules or misguided perceptions of men keep you from your “throne-zone” experience with the King. Practice the protocols of humility and worship. You will discover that the door to the King’s throne room is always open! When the Lord first touched me, so called leaders of the so called mainline ministries tore me apart not knowing that Christ has set me apart. Today, they all look in awe of what Christ has done in my life. He has taken a dirty, rotten no good sinner and turned him into an instrument to bring to Him those who have lost their way and to bring back the lost sheep that have been wounded by these mainline ministries. I was undignified for the Lord that once He had touched me, I would go from street to street and town to town and pull the drug addicts and gangsters and take them to Church. As I did that, people thought that I was one of them. In time, God vindicated! The greater the forgiveness, the greater the love for the Lord!

MoreLove was started four years ago to reach just one person. For weeks I had fasted and prayed for a precious young girl who was in the land of Kuwait. Due to the circumstances being sensitive, I thought that it would be better to write and start a website dealing with youth issues with the hope that this girl would be helped. Within a year, MoreLove had become a glocal (global and local) portal, calling the youth to live pure lives. News channel in over thirty six countries had interviewed us as to what drives us to do what we do. I’ll tell you what drives us; it’s the mindfulness of God for that ONE PERSON that drives us. We have reached over a million people since then. Today, MoreLove is also a respected name by Government officials in the dimension of Social Justice.

Tobit 3:3 “And now, O Lord, may You be mindful of me…” (c.f. NAB)

In the many things that I’m involved in ministry, it demands emotional and physical elongation. The body becomes fatigue with the travel and the ministry work, sometimes, eighteen hours a day, writing for publications and authoring books, over looking our Radio broadcasts, counselling several mentally ill people plus others. In order to do most of the above, it takes hours of prayers and study in almost every faculty. When all seems complex, remember what Amethyst Snow-Rivers said “When we can’t piece together the puzzle of our own lives, remember the best view of a puzzle is from above. Let Him help put you together. ” There are times when this question arise, “Lord, why can’t you call someone else to do these things?” At the end of it, we see the terminally ill healed, families restored, the mentally ill recovered. At this I’m reminded what David Nicholas said “God’s promises are like the stars; the darker the night the brighter they shine. ” Because of my commitment to the Lord, I have heard the Lord’s voice and attended to people at infinite distances, just at the nick of time and have prevented a suicide, homicide, even abortions. Do you know why I’m committed to the Lord? It’s because He first committed His life to me.

I’m not sure why God has called me to serve Him. What good did my forefathers do, that made God to choose me to serve Him? A few of my friends have been killed in violence, a few in jail, a few underground. Inspite of my atrocities, God chose me. I don’t know why and I’m not going to try and tell you why God is mindful of you. Go figure out. All I know is that He is mindful of YOU!

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