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Viva Noronha

Miraculous Save
My IGCSE O Level board exams have been going on for over a month now and despite my forgetful nature, I’ve managed to be on time for all of them. Unfortunately, however, I mixed up the timings one day, thinking that an 8:30 am paper was actually at 12:30 in the afternoon. To make things worse, on that particular day I had two papers! We are required to enter the exam hall half an hour before the exam starts and at 8 o’clock I received a frantic call from a friend asking me where I was. As soon as I realized my blunder, I rushed to wake up my dad and we were out of the house within 5 minutes. However, I live in Sharjah and those who rush to make it on time to school or work in the morning will know how insane the traffic can be. By the time we reached the first signal, I doubted that we would make it on time. However, I continuously prayed for a miracle, holding my breath as we came to the next signal as this particular road was famous for being clogged with traffic. The road, however, was clear. We managed to pass through with no hold ups and the police even heeded my dad’s request to open the barricades for us which cut out about 15 minutes from our travel time. All in all, a journey, which on any other ordinary day would last about 40-45 minutes, took us only 15 minutes! I reached my seat in the exam hall with seconds to spare and, amazingly, that paper has been my best so far. I made a promise that day to never again hold a sliver of doubt to our Lord’s amazing capabilities!

Stephanie Sequeira

Healed of Skin Allergy
I had been suffering from a Skin Allergy daily for the past 4 years. I used to experience severe itching with huge hives on my hands and legs. While Brother Joseph Manjula was praying over me I prayed to be set free from this allergy. From then till date I have not got this allergy again.

Roshan Mathias

Wrist Fracture Healed
It is so amazing to testify God’s healing power. I came to the meeting in Jebel Ali having pain killers and assisted with the setup with a fractured hand. During the worship session while praying in tongues, I felt the power of the Holy Spirit going through my body and I knew that I was healed instantly. I had my follow-up check this morning and the doctor confirmed that I was completely and absolutely fine. ‘Praise be to God ‘who lives forever whose name is holy’ Isaiah 57:15.
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