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The Light of the World Retreat

The program that has changed a million lives!
The School of Discipleship is preceded by an 8-hour long retreat sometimes billed as the Light of the World Retreat, which has been conducted in over a thousand parishes and prayer groups in several countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, England, Australia and various parts of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Not only has it served to transform the lives of those who have attended, it has inspired them to want to learn more about their faith and share it with others as evidenced by the huge number of people who commit themselves to life-long discipleship after the retreat is over. The retreat is led by Holy Spirit Interactive (HSI) founder Aneel Aranha.
Aneel Aranha

Retreat Leader: Aneel Aranha

Founder of Holy Spirit Interactive (HSI)
Aneel Aranha is the founder of Holy Spirit Interactive (HSI), a lay Catholic apostolate recognized by Bishop Paul Hinder as an Association of Faith and Outreach. He is an internationally renowned preacher and retreat leader who has preached retreats to priests, prisoners and politicians — in addition to other regular folk — in several countries all across the globe. There are over 50 flagship Schools of Discipleship that he started around the world. His powerful testimony, where is speaks about his conversion from a hedonistic unbeliever for 25 years to a person of tremendous faith, impacts people greatly.
Swapna with Aneel

Anointed Worship

World Class Worship Leaders
Worship for international retreats are sometimes led by Swapna Abraham, a world renowned worship leader and song-writer, or husband-wife duo Leslie and Sharon D’Mello. Worship for Arabic retreats are led by Joseph Khadige, known for his preaching as much as his worship. Youth retreats are led by the anointed Upper Room Band comprising Arlene and Michael Castelino, Jerson D’couth, Keegan Silveira, Larina D’Souza and Roel Shawn. Inviting parishes/groups are welcome to use their own worship ministry if they should prefer.
The Light of the World Retreat begins with the question Jesus asked: "Who do you say I am?" and leads participants through a journey that covers four subjects that are fundamental to the faith—repentance, forgiveness, surrender and love—before culminating in an invitation to become or grow as a disciple of Christ. Nearly every participant present accepts this invitation by registering for the School of Discipleship.
Modus Operandi
The duration of the retreat is about 8 hours and is conducted over one full day or three evenings. When held over three evenings, each session begins with 30 minutes of worship, a talk, a period of ministry, and concludes with Holy Mass (if possible). We recommend that priests be available to hear confessions through the retreat as this is an occasion when everybody would like to make one.
At the end of the retreat, participants are invited to join the HSI School of Discipleship. Registration Forms are given to them to be filled with their names and contact details. The School is usually launched on the day following the retreat while the retreat leader is still in town. The Registration Forms are part of the Starter Pack that is provided to you and can be locally printed like all other material.
Publicity for the Discipleship Retreat in the form of e-mail shots, postings on social media sites, posters on bulletin boards, distribution of flyers, and regular announcements of the program at churches in the neighborhood help to draw people to this life changing event. These posters are designed for you in high resolution and made available in A3, A4 and A5 sizes. You will need to provide the name of the venue the program will be held in, the address, the date and timing of the event, and the name and email of somebody who can be contacted for more information.