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The first module in the HSI School of Discipleship is FROM DEATH TO LIFE, which looks at how we moved from life in union with God, to death as a result of disobedience, back to life as a result of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross and his resurrection.
In this module, we look at the subject of Discipleship and four disciplines that we need to follow to ensure we make good and speedy progress on this journey with Christ.
Module 3 in the School of Discipleship looks at the Word of God - Scripture and Tradition - with a focus on the former as we learn how to read and understand the things of God.
This module on the Holy Spirit offers a fascinating study on the third person of the Holy Trinity, helping us establish a solid and wonderful relationship with the "counselor". 
When the Holy Spirit comes, he comes bearing gifts - four bags full! These are the gifts of Isaiah, the fruit of the Spirit, the gifts of service and the Charismatic gifts. 
Why do we go to Church? What are the Sacraments? What role does Mary play in the life of the Christian? We answer these and other questions in this module on Understanding our Faith.
A Servant Leader is neither really a servant or a leader. What then is he? Jesus provides a fascinating example in this session on Leadership in the Christian context.
In this concluding module in the first year of the School of Discipleship we take another look at Jesus' commission to make disciples, with a focus on practical techniques and applications.
We have several workshops in the School of Discipleship, the main ones being in leading worship and in teaching and preaching. These workshops help students lead prayer and teach students when it is their turn to do so in the School, where everything is practical driven.